Ep.2 20 minutes with ISA

Isa transition coach welcomes Agathe Basset to discuss authentic communication and the fear of speaking out. 

They encourage people to express themselves, recognise their emotions and work on themselves to improve professional and personal relationships. 

They suggest ways of overcoming the fear of speaking and encourage the audience to interact for the future.

Discussion on authentic communication and the fear of expressing oneself

  • Isa presents a second live session on authentic communication.
  • Agathe Basset tackles the unspoken and the fear of expressing oneself.
  • An example of a misunderstanding caused by things not being said and misinterpretations.

The difficulty of expressing oneself and apologising in interpersonal relationships

  • Fear of speaking out and of changing jobs
  • The difficulty of apologising in a relationship

The importance of listening and communication in interpersonal relationships

  • Active listening and communication are essential to understanding each other's needs.
  • Managing emotions and communicating constructively help to resolve conflicts effectively.

The importance of communication and mental health in the workplace

  • Open communication is essential to prevent burnout and depression.
  • The impact of professional relationships on psychological well-being is significant.
  • Working on yourself and expressing yourself freely are the keys to overcoming traumatic relationships.

The importance of emotional clarity in interpersonal relationships

  • Don't strive for perfection, but recognise and express your emotional wounds.
  • Prepare yourself emotionally before approaching others for authentic relationships.
  • Trials strengthen relationships, revealing true friends and creating strong bonds.

Encouraging participation and personal growth

  • Encouragement to attend the event on 8 March at 11.30am.
  • Launching ideas and projects to encourage personal growth.
  • Importance of maintaining a professional vision to develop relationships.

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